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Electrical Resistivity

Our state-of-the-art, automatic DC Electrical Resistivity (ER) unit is capable of quickly collecting thousands of data points in any of the standard configurations.

Electrical Resistivity Model thumb

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Data are processed to produce color cross-sections which indicate variation of earth resistivity values with depth. Resistivity values are greatly affected by moisture and mineral variations in the sub-surface, which makes the ER method a valuable tool for leakage detection, groundwater and mineral exploration. 

With electrodes laid out on the surface in a grid, true three dimensional electrical resistivity measurements can be obtained. Processing of these data produce a model which is more accurate than 2-D surveys because both transverse and lateral variations in resistivity can be defined.

3D Electrical Resistivity Model thumb

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G&A can produce a three dimensional ER model which will rotate in space so that the model may be viewed from any direction, which can be played on the Windows Media Player.