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Engineering Applications

Engineering applications of geophysics are quite varied and often unique. Often, some sort of problem is occurring and geophysics is applied to define the nature or extent of the problem.

An example of one such situation is leaky canals and dams. Often the source of the leak is far from the appearance of a boil. G&A has applied the Electrical Resistivity method successfully on numerous occasions to locate the source of canal leaks for pressure grouting repair.

When a problem occurs in a modern structure, such as a large building, GPR is often employed in order to “see into” the walls or floors and search for the source of the problem. In many cases, this is the last resort before digging up the flooring or knocking out a wall.

In seismically active California, all hospitals and schools must have shear wave velocity values of the subsurface for building design parameters. A downhole geophysics investigation for shear wave velocity values is often the preferred method for obtaining in-situ measurements.